Becoming a teacher research paper

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Becoming a teacher research paper

Kids Quiz Becoming a Physical Education Teacher We receive many requests from a number of people including students who are interested in learning what it takes to become a physical education teacher.

We hope the following information, presented in a question and answer format, is helpful to those interested in becoming K Health and Physical Education teachers.

What educational background is needed for this career? Typically you need to complete a degree in Health and Physical Education at a 4 year college or university. Classes vary from school to school. See below for a few colleges and universities that may offer undergraduate PE Programs.

What experience do you need? It is best to have plenty of experience and knowledge about how to perform and teach different physical activities such as rock climbing, rollerblading, tennis, cooperative activities, golf, running, ultimate frisbee, basketball, fitness, aerobics, dance, gymnastics, etc.

The university you attend should help you learn and teach many of these activities so don't worry if you don't know how to do all of these now. Coaching experience helps also. Also, it is important that you have experience with being around and teaching youngsters.

As you get older it may be good for you to help coach a team or two maybe at the youth sport level. The university you attend should allow you to practice your teaching skills in schools in their area. Lastly, you must truly enjoy being around people and kids. This is a helping profession and you will be spending a lot of time with kids and large numbers of them.

What are the major responsibilities of this job? If you are at a secondary school grades you will probably teach classes and they would meet for an hour to an hour and a half. If you are at an elementary school grades K-5 you will probably have half hour classes with very few breaks e. Many teachers have to teach at more than one school.

At the secondary school you may have to teach a Health class or two. Coaching is another duty you may choose to do especially early on in a career.


In fact, you may choose to coach several sports. There is no doubt you will have to teach children who have disabilities. You will learn about helping these students from the University you choose. Other duties that you may have to partake in many teachers do not get paid for these during the day are duties such as after school monitoring of students, lunch, hall, and bus duties.

And, of course you will need to attend faculty and parent-teacher conference meetings throughout the year. Lastly, many physical education teachers are required to do a year end Field Day or a physical education show of some kind.

Becoming a teacher research paper

What is your daily routine like? These vary for every teacher and situation, but in general your day may start as early as 7 AM so you can prepare any equipment or your teaching areas for the day. Depending on the grade level you are teaching you may get done teaching between 2: You have to be in good physical shape to do this job because you are on your feet a majority of the day and some teachers take their students outside for class so wear your sunscreen and hat!

Describe the benefits of this job.

Becoming a teacher research paper

Being around kids to teach them the benefits of being physically active. It is great to see children succeed and for them to thank you for your efforts with a hug or a thank you note at Christmas or at the end of the year.

Also, it was nice to hear good things from parents about the positive influence you have on their children through your teaching. Describe the most difficult responsibilities and things you have to deal with as a PE Teacher. Believe it or not, sometimes finding ways to motivate some youngsters to participate and move in class is one of the most difficult struggles during the year!

Lastly, sometimes there is a lack of respect from others about the profession of Physical Education. PE Teachers constantly have to educate others about the "New" PE which is developmentally and instructionally appropriate.

It is no longer acceptable to "teach" dodgeball, pick teams, etc.Senior Project Research Paper January 8, The Road to Becoming a Teacher Teachers bear the heavy responsibility of molding the minds of our nation's most precious resource, its children.

The road to becoming a teacher is a long one, involving post-high school education, people skills, and a desire to change lives. She is now co- leader of the Teacher Research Network and during the school year completed a teacher research paper concerning Virginia's Standards of Learning (SOL) integration entitled Playing with History.

We receive many requests from a number of people (including students) who are interested in learning what it takes to become a physical education teacher. We hope the following information, presented in a question and answer format, is helpful to those interested in becoming K Health and Physical.

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