Business plan for peace of cake

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Business plan for peace of cake

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How to make a stevia sweetened no flour vanilla pound cake recipe

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. April Learn how and when to remove this template message XXXX, a something man, is a London underworld criminal who has established himself as one of the biggest cocaine suppliers in the city, with legitimate cover.

Considering himself a businessman and patience as a virtue, XXXX leaves the darker aspects of the business to his henchman Morty, a man having recently ended a year prison sentence for murder. Once he has earned enough to be financially secure, XXXX plans to retire.

On the evening XXXX intends to set these plans into motion, his sponsor and supplier Jimmy Price tells him to do two favours. The first is to track down Charlie, the teenage daughter of Jimmy's associate Eddie Temple, who has fled a rehabilitation centre along with her drug-addicted boyfriend Kinky.

They find the boyfriend dead and Charlie apparently kidnapped, although no ransom has been demanded. The second favour is to organise the purchase and distribution of one million ecstasy tablets from a low-level gangster who styles himself "The Duke".

Unbeknownst to XXXX, the pills had been stolen from a gang of Serbian war criminals based in the Netherlands, a massive drug production outfit with an honour-avenging bent. XXXX encounters the Duke's out-of-touch nephew Sidney at a bar and becomes attracted to his disillusioned girlfriend Tammy.

XXXX tries to broker the sale of the ecstasy pills to Liverpool gangsters Trevor and Shanks but they refuse, knowing where the E comes from and that the Serbs have sent an assassin, known as Dragan, to find the pills and kill the thieves.

Members of the Duke's gang soon start turning up dead and the Duke himself goes missing. Eddie demands that XXXX sells the pills to him instead. XXXX discovers that his accountant, who operated his legitimate front and was referred to him by Jimmy Price, has stolen all of his money and disappeared.

Gene killed him along with girlfriend and crime-partner, Slasher, when the latter threatened to alert the police about the pills. XXXX tips the police off to the Duke's hideout, who raid it.

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XXXX delivers the severed head of the Duke to Dragan as a peace offering, who reports to his Serbian boss that the police have seized the drugs. During the handover at the latter's bonded warehouse, Eddie's henchmen rob his crew of the drugs at gunpoint. When leaving the club with Tammy, mentally running through the names of his fellow murdered businessmen he hopes to avoid joining, XXXX is shot by a heart-broken Sidney.

XXXX collapses bleeding and he lies twitching on the front steps while contemplating his possible death.Opinion Trump's Peace Plan May Have a Surprising Palestinian Partner: Hamas.

business plan for peace of cake

Senior Hamas figures are sending up a direct-negotiations trial balloon, indicating interest in buying into the White House plan to ease the crisis in Gaza. We would be delighted to help you plan your special event.

We offer excellent wedding and event planning services to allow you to sit back and have peace of mind. Our goal is to deliver to you a sweet and satisfying experience for you that will make pulling off a spectacular event a "peace" of cake!

Though the Peace of Cake is just a small business it is expected to be one of the sources of government revenues.

business plan for peace of cake

The business will operate legally so it will need many necessary requirements, before it start to operate. Therefore, the business is responsible for paying taxes to the government.

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