Clinical psychology personal statement

He came to America Harvard from Germany Berlin, Laboratory of Sterninvited by William James, and, like many aspiring psychologists during the late 19th century, originally studied philosophy. In he wrote several magazine articles concerning legal aspects of testimony, confessions and courtroom procedures, which eventually developed into his book, On the Witness Stand.

Clinical psychology personal statement

I wish to take this opportunity to look at the subject of Child Psychiatry. This has been my specialist activity and my second love, the first being physical pediatrics. I have a somewhat peculiar view of child psychiatry, and this for several reasons: To finish off my brief autobiography, I spent the first two decades of my life half drowned in a perpetual sense of guilt, from which psychoanalysis rescued me, except that I can never escape Clinical psychology personal statement the fast sense that I ought not to have escaped the death that eclipsed the careers of so many of my friends in the — war.

When I came to use my personal psychoanalytical experiences in my pediatric work my appointments were always physician, not psychiatrist I soon p. But there was a splendid open field for exploration in the mid-twenties, when disastrously as I thought and perhaps still do think the Commonwealth fund planted on us the Child Guidance Pattern whether we liked it or no.

What, you may ask did I want? I can say, and you will see how signally I have failed to get my own way. I thought that child psychiatry should be the other half of paediatrics. Those physically orientated should be glad to work alongside with and on equal terms with those who are psychologically, I mean Psychiatrically, orientated.

Do you see a difficulty here? I cannot do so however because the word psychology has been bagged by the university based academic psychologists who specialise not in children and the emotional growth of the individual in a given environment but in research projects and experiments which follow the lead of physics and which give answers only to the questions asked.

I think I have proved that in this country pediatrics will never allow this. The opportunity was already lost in the late thirties and again in the mid forties after the war, when physical pediatrics failed to relish the idea of a twin brother.

We have now settled down into a state of affairs in which pediatrics has lost its psychological half to academic psychology and to adult psychiatry, nurtured in mental hospitals and the physical treatments of mental disorders, built on the assumption that mental disorders are diseases like physical diseases, which they are not.

So we are left in G. Let me ask you, if your son or nephew or daughter or niece should ask for help about a career, and you felt this young person was striving to get into the practice of that other half of paediatrics that has to do with emotional development and with the establishment of personality and character, and with socialisation and so on, what would you advise him or her to do.

I do not know how to advise you. There is about 7 years gone. But if the young person does not get side-tracked into some other speciality a decision will need to be made: In any case, in a rigidly structured system it is very difficult for a doctor to change from one speciality to another and there is a widening gap between pediatrics and psychiatry.

Clinical psychology personal statement

Perhaps the young person you are advising and watching will first qualify medically then become a pediatrician and practice pediatrics for a while and then add a psychiatric training, with a D. By the time he finishes this extended training he will be 40, and probably grand children will be beginning to show up.

Alternatively you advise against the medical qualification the main value of which is that it gives a licence to have patients who commit suicide. Nursing, male or female.

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This can be extremely rewarding, and can change colour and become mental nursing. But there is always one thing to be endured, which is that the doctors assume that they are in some way superior. From a position of superiority they can be quite nice. You can guide your young person into social work.


The beauty of social work is that it can have various outcomes and the tendency from now on will be for social workers to be able easily to move from one branch to another.

Let us look at some of the branches: It is this wider branch of practice that you will feel happiest about, except that you too may be status-minded, and and share this soul-killing idea that doctors who are good at disorders of the bodily functions and at knowing the best antibiotic are also superior in matters of personality, behaviour and management.An exception is made for students who are applying to the Ph.D.

Clinical Psychology program, who must have completed a B.A./B.S. in Psychology, Counseling, or Social Work, or 12 semester credits/20 quarter credits of Psychology coursework completed at a regionally-accredited college or university.

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Clinical psychology personal statement

matters. The history of counseling psychology dates back to the early s when Sigmund Freud, the famous psychologist, introduced several controversial theories and treatment related to how the mind functions (Background of Counseling, ).

Information for Prospective Graduate Students. Students admitted to the Clinical Psychology program at the University of South Florida frequently excel in a number of different areas: It is a good idea to mention your preferred mentor(s) in your personal statement.

Note that not all faculty members expect to admit students into their. The Personal Statement Most graduate schools require a personal statement as part of your application.

This statement is centered around your interest in psychology, your personal background, the reasons you are applying to. Applying to Graduate School: Writing a Compelling Personal Statement.

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