Electoral college essay question

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Electoral college essay question

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Electoral college essay question

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In our current system, the president is decided by voters in Status: Resolved. Electoral College Essay Admin | March 15, Electoral College Essay -Essay must be typed with font size 12 (Times Roman) -Must have 1 inch margin, top, sides, and bottom -Must be 5 pages of text, nothing less, (could go over 5 pages though) -Do not add extra lines between paragraphs -If you quote somebody/something [ ].

There is much controversy over the Electoral College and whether there should be a new system of electing the President of the United States put into effect.

Many people, especially after the election, believe that it's time for change. There isn't a time of day when a person doesn't hear. - Electoral College is Wrong The Electoral College is the name given to a group of electors who are nominated by political activists and party members within the states.

The electoral college really isn't necessary and should be abolished. One reason for the Electoral College was that the framers worried that the people were not adequately informed to make sound electoral decisions—is this still a valid concern? Has the modern media left us better or worse informed?

The winner-take-all system explains why one candidate can get more votes nationwide while a different candidate wins in Electoral College.

Electoral college essay question
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