Enabling learning and assessment

The Truly Interactive Daily Report Tool The most innovative tool for family engagement beyond sharing pictures and daily routines. Share with parents via app and daily report email in a timely manner.

Enabling learning and assessment

Synergy LMS facilitates classroom management, centralizes and organizes curriculum, content and assessments, and features a robust gradebook at its core.

Enabling learning and assessment

Your data is already where it needs to be, with up-to-the-minute accuracy. The gradebook offers unparalleled depth, with highly flexible grading options and powerful tools that streamline administrative processes so teachers have more time to support student learning.

Attendance Attendance Teachers can easily take and submit attendance right from their class roster or seating chart. Once attendance has been recorded in TeacherVUE, office staff can immediately access the names and phone numbers of absent students for attendance verification.

The Discipline view within the TeacherVUE portal lists the time and date of a discipline incident, a description of the incident, and the name of the person who referred the student for discipline issues.

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Seating Charts Seating Charts TeacherVUE seating charts provide teachers with a quick way to take attendance, report lunch counts, and access various types of student information. Seating charts display photos of students in rows and columns or in free-form clusters that reflect real-life classroom configurations.

Seating chart templates can be created once and then populated multiple times with students from different classes, providing support for secondary school teachers and any teacher with multiple sections in a single classroom. Demographics Demographics Teachers simply click a student photo on the seating chart to access demographics, classes, emergency contact info and more.

Labels Labels Teachers can create and print labels in a variety of sizes and fonts to serve a multitude of needs, from mailing labels to parent-teacher conference labels, name tags, and more. Substitute Portal Substitute Portal Limited-access logins enable substitutes to take attendance from the seating chart and see detailed instructions from the teacher.

Assignment Creation Assignment Creation Teachers can quickly create new assignments from the Assignment screen or directly from any element on a curriculum map.

All of the standards and resources associated with an element automatically populate an assignment created from the element. Teachers may enable the automatic creation of an Assignment Discussion Page for any assignment, generating a page with all assignment details, associated curriculum resources, and a secure discussion Stream, providing students with a convenient forum to discuss ideas and get their questions answered.

Report cards can be tailored to match board-approved formats, whether traditional or standards-based, and delivered to parents in any language. For assignments that require students to show their work, such as math or art, students can capture a photo and upload it to Digital Dropbox for grading, eliminating the need to submit work on paper.

District gradebooks can include pre-defined assignments and category weighting settings for entire grade levels or individual subjects. If a district does not require teachers to use a district gradebook, they may remove pre-defined items from their individual gradebooks.

Enabling Learning and Assessment

Accelerated Inline Grading Accelerated Inline Grading Dropbox Grader enables teachers to receive and view assignments right in their gradebook. Clickable rubrics automate score calculations, and teachers can move directly from one ungraded assignment to the next to finish faster.

Rubric Scoring Rubric Scoring Teachers may associate a scoring rubric with each assignment and use the rubric to quickly score student work in Dropbox Grader, without the need for tedious calculations.

When each objective has been rated, Dropbox Grader automatically calculates the score.

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Teachers have the flexibility to adjust the calculated score at any time. Administrators see up-to-the-minute counts from teachers and can fill in the emergency response on behalf of any staff member before sending the report to emergency responders. Instant Breakout Groups Instant Breakout Groups Teachers can use analysis bands to filter student performance on assignments, assessments and standards and instantly create breakout groups for differentiated instruction or intervention.The Learning Journey Plus for childminders can be used to put in place a complete observation, planning and assessment system and includes – a ‘workbook’ .

Assessment For Learning. Assessment for Learning focuses on the learning process and is conducted during daily classroom practice.

This approach . COBIT 5 Assessment Programme.

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The COBIT Assessment Programme is the basis for assessing an enterprise’s processes for the governance and management of information technology and related services as described in COBIT 5. Since its launched in , thousands of Primary Schools across the UK have chosen to use EExBA year on year to record the starting points of children in their reception year.

EExBA has remained a popular choice of on-entry assessment because it is based on the EYFS framework, making it very easy to use. It. Parents are a critical stakeholder in the entire learning process. We orient parents through various workshops and inculcate awareness of important parenting issues like understanding the child’s learning style, multiple intelligences, and child abuse prevention etc.

Interactive Techniques Adapted in part from: Thomas A. Angelo/K. Patricia Cross, Classroom Assessment Techniques. 2nd Edition. Jossey-Bass: San Francisco, Alison Morrison-Shetlar/Mary Marwitz, Teaching Creatively: Ideas in Action.

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