Essay about earthquake in pakistan 2005

Physical Map of the Northern Pakistan and Kashmir Region affected by the Earthquake Landslides The high relief of unstable mountains makes Northern Pakistan very vulnerable to extensive landslides when an earthquake strikes the region. Heavy monsoon rains - particularly if they occur before or after an earthquake, can be the catalyst to further devastating landslides. The earthquake of 8 October was responsible for many landslides.

Essay about earthquake in pakistan 2005

Aug 19,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. The Kashmir Earthquake (also known as the Great Pakistan earthquake) was a major earthquake centered in Pakistan-administered Kashmir and in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa near the city of Muzaffarabad. It occurred at Pakistan Standard Time ( UTC) on 8 October Essay on Earthquake in Pakistan in English Urdu Earthquake is one of those natural disasters that create huge destruction. It is originated by the movement of plates or rocks under the surface of the earth.

Earthquake[ edit ] Kashmir lies in the area of collision of the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates. The geological activity born out of this collision, also responsible for the birth of the Himalayan mountain range, is the cause of unstable seismicity in the region.

Damage[ edit ] Map depicting regional tectonic plates Most of the devastation hit north Pakistan and Pakistan administered Kashmir. In Kashmir, the three main districts were badly affected and Muzaffarabad, the state capital of Pakistan administered Kashmir, was hardest hit in terms of casualties and destruction.

Hospitals, schools, and rescue services including police and armed forces were paralysed. There was virtually no infrastructure and communication was badly affected.

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The Pakistani government's official death toll as of November stood at 87, although it is estimated that the death toll could reach overApproximatelywere injured and over 3. According to government figures, 19, children died in the earthquake, most of them in widespread collapses of school buildings.

The earthquake affected more thanfamilies. In addition, approximatelyfarm animals died due to collapse of stone barns, and more thanlarge animals required immediate shelter from the harsh winter. As Saturday is a normal school day in the region, most students were at schools when the earthquake struck.

Many were buried under collapsed school buildings. Many people were also trapped in their homes and, because it was the month of Ramadanmost people were taking a nap after their pre-dawn meal and did not have time to escape.

See Article History Kashmir earthquake ofdisastrous earthquake that occurred on Oct. At least 79, people were killed and more than 32, buildings collapsed in Kashmir, with additional fatalities and destruction reported in India and Afghanistan, making it one of the most destructive earthquakes of contemporary times.

Reports indicate that entire towns and villages were completely wiped out in northern Pakistan, with other surrounding areas also suffering severe damage. USGS Shakemap for the event " Four deaths were reported in Afghanistanincluding a young girl who died in Jalalabadafter a wall collapsed on her.

The quake was felt in Kabulbut the effects were minimal there. Aftershocks[ edit ] There were many secondary earthquakes in the region, mainly to the northwest of the original epicentre. A series of strong aftershocks occurred near Muzaffarabad.

Since then, measurements from satellites have shown that mountain parts directly above the epicenter have risen by a few meters, giving ample proof that the rising of the Himalayas is still going on, and that this earthquake was a consequence of that.

International response to the Kashmir earthquake Pakistani soldiers carry tents away from a U. Army CH Chinook helicopter The national and international humanitarian response to the crisis was extensive.

Essay on pakistan earthquake 2015

In the initial phases of response, the Pakistan Medical corps, Corps of Engineers, Army aviation and a large number of infantry units played important roles. Gen Javid were the leaders of their formations. Gen Farrukh Seir was in charge of foreign relief co-ordination.

In earlythe Government of Pakistan organized a donors' conference to raise money for reconstruction and development of the area.

Kashmir earthquake - HISTORY

The rest of the money pledged, which was given to the Government of Pakistan for reconstruction and development, was used by a reconstruction authority called Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authoritywhich was made by then military regime to accommodate retired high military officials and while keeping the command of the reconstruction and rehabilitation authority directly under the military.

The basic infrastructure, including tertiary care, health, education, road networks, water supply, waste management and other basic needs, was still underdeveloped and had not reached pre-earthquake status in the region.

US Marine and Army helicopters stationed in neighbouring Afghanistan quickly flew aid into the devastated region along with five CH Chinook helicopters from the Royal Air Force that were deployed from the United Kingdom.

Essay about earthquake in pakistan 2005

Five crossing points were opened on the Line of Control LOCbetween India and Pakistan, to facilitate the flow of humanitarian and medical aid to the affected region, and aid teams from different parts of Pakistan and around the world came to the region to assist in relief.Essay on pakistan earthquake earthquake mitigation,.

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Andrabi is clear from anne wright randy sargent: 15 earthquakes in pakistan. Oct 08,  · On October 8, , a magnitude earthquake shook the Kashmir region (a disputed territory controlled in part by Pakistan and India), along with sections of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

No earthquake of similar strength as that of October 7, has occurred in Northern Pakistan or Kashmir in recent years. As reported earlier, the more recent event in the same general area was a magnitude earthquake in Northwestern Kashmir on 20 November The Kashmir earthquake occurred at Pakistan Standard Time on 8 October in Pakistan administered areas of Kashmir.

It was centered near the city of Muzaffarabad, and also affected Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and the Indian state of Jammu and rutadeltambor.comude: Mw.


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Pakistan Assessment: Why did so many people die in the Pakistan Earthquake? On 8th October , a devastating earthquake struck at the town of Muzaffarabad in Kashmir located in the country of Pakistan at about am in the morning.

It registered a moment magnitude of on the Richter scale, affecting millions of people.

Earthquake | One of the worst natural calamity in Pakistan’s history