Extended definition gay

Posted on September 8, 2 Comments Imagine a word so powerful it has caused death, both committed murders and countless suicides. Image a word so powerful it has forced people to live their entire lives hiding from their truths, pretending to be something they are not. Imagine a word so powerful that it has taken away peoples freedoms. While in the United States this word has destroyed so much, in England, this same word means nothing more than a cigarette.

Extended definition gay

Legality of same-sex sexual activity[ edit ] Male homosexual practice was decriminalized in Lesbians were not mentioned or acknowledged in the Greek Criminal Code. Article of the Penal Code outlawed male prostitution and provided for a higher age of consent of 17 for male homosexual acts.

However, this provision was abolished by Article 68 of the Law nr. Recognition of same-sex unions in Greece The Greek Constitution provides no definition of marriage.

However, it does stipulate that, like motherhood and childhoodit must be under the protection of the State. While it had introduced legislation that offered several rights Extended definition gay unmarried couples, this explicitly excluded same-sex couples.

Greece and condemned the exemption of same-sex couples from the option of civil unions; the restriction of civil unions solely to opposite-sex couples was thus deemed non-convincing and the state was obliged to give a 5, euro compensation to each one of the plaintiffs.

On 3 Junethe Mayor of TilosAnastasios Aliferis, married two same-sex couples, two lesbians and two gay men, citing the legal loophole.

He was heavily criticized by clergymen of the Church of Greecewhich in the past had also opposed the introduction of civil marriage.

Extended definition gay

Justice Minister Sotirios Hatzigakis declared the Tilos marriages "invalid" and Supreme Court prosecutor Georgios Sanidas warned Mayor Aliferis of the legal repercussions of his "breach of duty", but he said he had "no intention of annulling the marriages".

Reactions varied from positive to negative, Extended definition gay many members of the Greek Church condemning the proposition. The masculofeminine is being created!


The ruling affects all EU countries, which are obliged to abide by it, including Greece. While there has been considerable legal progress, conservative social mores still hold some influence and the Orthodox Church has often denounced homosexuality as a sin and "defect of human nature. According to Law ofdiscrimination on the basis of gender identity is considered equal to discrimination on the basis of sex and thus all laws regarding the latter also cover discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

The changes stipulated that hate speech and violence against LGBT individuals or groups would be punished with imprisonment for 3 months to 3 years and a fine of 5, to 20, euros. If the offender is a public workerthen they are punished with six months to three years imprisonment and a fine of 10, to 25, euros; if a crime is committed, they are punished with a fine of 25, to 50, euros.

If the offender was committing the above representing an organisation or company, they are also fined. Entities in the public domain are, however, excluded from this last rule. This has led to criticism since the churches are also legal entities of the public domain, thereby excluding them from any consequences after the conviction of a priest of theirs.

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Furthermore, public prosecutors are given the freedom to move against the offenders even without a lawsuit from the victims, and if the victims file a lawsuit, they are allowed to do it free of charge, in contrast to the common practice.

The bill grants this right to anyone aged 17 and older. However, even underaged children between the age of 15 and 17 have access to the legal gender recognition process, but under certain conditions, such as obtaining a certificate from a medical council.

However, while the court did rule in favor of the person's request for displaying a gender-neutral name on their ID, it decided against having their legal gender entry changed from male to third genderciting the "lack of a relevant institutional framework for individuals not classified in a distinct case of a non-dual gender identity third gender entry " in Greece, although the Legal Gender Recognition Bill does state that "the person hence every person has the right to the recognition of his or her gender identity as an element of his or her personality".

The plaintiff's lawyer announced that they will appeal part of the ruling to a higher court the part concerning the third gender marker on IDs. The thematic week will seek to inform students and their parents about, among others, issues such as sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, homophobia and transphobia.

The Ministry will also consider enhancement of the thematic week in the future. The bill, and specifically Article 8, also grants same-sex couples the right to foster children.

MPs from every political party of the Greek political spectrum expressed their support for Article 8 of the law, which concerns foster care for same-sex couples, with ND and DISI softening their initial hardline position towards it and announcing that any of their MPs are free to support the bill once it arrives at the parliamentary session for final ratification.

A pride parade event, the "Athens Pride" and an international Gay and Lesbian film festival, the "Outview", are held annually. In Junethe city got its own annual pride event Thessaloniki Pride.

One of the most notable events in Thessaloniki, concerning LGBT rights, is the attempt to raise a 20m long banner, urging people to boycott the Sochi Winter Olympicson the city's most famous landmark, the White Tower.

Extended definition gay

The attempt was quickly stopped by the local police, but the event was advertised in online media. The gay scene in the island of Mykonos and the lesbian scene in Eressos, Lesbos are famous internationally.Definition of Gay.

Homosexuality is considered to be same-sex sexual attraction and behavior and "gay" is a synonym of homosexuality. The term "homosexuality" 1 was first used by Victorian scientists who considered same-sex sexual attraction and behavior a "moral deficiency." 2. Choose the Right Synonym for gay.

Adjective. lively, animated, vivacious, sprightly, gay mean keenly alive and spirited. lively suggests briskness, alertness, or energy. a lively debate on the issues animated applies to what is spirited and active.

an animated discussion of current events vivacious suggests an activeness of gesture and wit, often . Extended Definition – Gay. FOR ONLY $/PAGE. For example, the word “gay” has transformed over the ages and now means something completely different than what it used to. From feeling gay to describing something as gay, the meaning of the word has changed angles and meanings completely.

Extended definition of an abstract term: Art.

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