How to start writing a book in word

October 2, by Kasia Mikoluk Writing a book is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you will ever do.

How to start writing a book in word

End Function Change VolumeName to the appropriate volume name. In the last issue of WordTips there were a number of readers that got the idea that I was suggesting that people should use the FastSave feature.

In fact, I got quite a bit of feedback on that tip, some of it quite pointed.

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I am sorry if I gave the impression that I thought FastSave is a great idea. That is far from the truth; I do not. WordTips are not designed to promote one method of doing something over another, but to provide alternative ideas that people can incorporate into their Word use, if they so desire.

With that being said, let me point out specifically why you should not use the FastSave feature. Any time you increase complexity, you run the risk of corrupting the files easier. The list could go on and on, but you get the idea. In short, unless you have a specific need to use FastSave such as if you are only creating simple documents using Word 6 on a slow machineit is probably a good idea to turn it off.

The FastSave feature is turned on by default in all versions of Word, even in the original Word Only if you are using Word 97 SR-1 is it turned off by default. As a side note, according to the Microsoft Knowledge Base there are several circumstances under which a FastSave is not done by Word, even if you have enabled the feature.

Step by Step Guide to Start Writing a Book

These circumstances include the following: This makes sense, right? This includes when you choose Save As to save under a new name or in a new location.

Word only performs a FastSave to a local volume. In this case Word does a normal save, and then again starts using FastSave for future saves.You can start your own document from scratch, How to format a book for print in MS Word - Tutorial #3. Copy and paste your text into the document (or, if you’ve already been writing in Word, save the document as a new file (to be safe) and then start formatting.

Microsoft Word is an excellent book writing tool -- as long as you stick to typing text for the book's chapters. It's less than stellar at handling jobs such as editing cover images and positioning objects to precise page locations quickly. When writing your book you should separate the writing from the formatting.

Write first, format later.

how to start writing a book in word

However, there are some steps you can make when writing your book in Microsoft Word that will make the job of formatting your book easier and help prevent errors in the book formatting process. Oct 10,  · · Find File (either in Word or in Windows) may not work correctly with FastSaved Word documents.

· FastSave results in more complex files being saved on disk. Any time you increase complexity, you run the risk of corrupting the files easier. Sep 15,  · To begin writing a book, start by coming up with a concept or story idea and any themes you want to touch on.

You should also start thinking about the characters you want to include in your story. Then, outline your book so you have a roadmap to guide you through the writing process, including all of the major plot points, which are the 90%(). Oct 10,  · · Other word processors may not be able to open Word documents saved with the FastSave feature enabled.

For instance, WordPerfect says it can open Word documents, yet some versions of WordPerfect cannot open FastSaved Word documents.

How to Write a Book: 10 Ridiculously Simple Steps