Oil and gas service company business plan

This article contains a friendly, comprehensive guide that instructs you on how to start your business. Wondering how to start an oil and gas field services and supplies business?

Oil and gas service company business plan

Step By Step Guide 1. We covered over 35 of them in a previous article, and choosing the right match for your business is critical to your success.

But most people who want to get into the oil and gas business have little to no cash to startup, and so, are left with no choice but to look elsewhere.

If you want to venture into the oil and gas industry in Nigeria, the first step is to start out as a commodity broker. You could broker transactions between a crude oil buyer and seller, Gas Oil AGO buyer and seller, and much more. By choosing the oil brokerage route first, you can venture into the oil and gas business and still earn high margins.

It is difficult for international buyers to trust a trading company that is not registered.

oil and gas service company business plan

You need to organise yourself properly by first registering with the CAC, registering with the FIRS, registering with any required oil and gas agency, setting up a website, getting an office preferably a co-working hub or work from homeand much more.

Lastly, you need to hire great marketers to source international and local buyers for your oil and gas company in Nigeria. These marketers should not be required to visit the office daily, but should mostly work with commissions that would ensure they make so much if they can close a deal for your company.

That aside, you can market your services online on social media, contact international export councils, register on online platforms like Alibaba, and much more. The more deals you can close, the easier it will be for you to build a recognised, successful, and reputable oil and gas business.

Sample Business Plan PowerPoint - Oil & Gas by Wanda Halpert - Issuu

Low consumer purchasing power. Poorly managed supply chain. Lack of experience causes sellers to either purchase the wrong specifications, underprice or overprice their products, and much more. Fake buyers wasting exporters time with fake inquiries. Most prospective entrepreneurs have little to no access to finance for their projects.

Your time could be wasted as a result of long-term conversations with oil buyers who have no real money to pay or oil sellers who have no means to supply.

Concord Sample Business Plan - Oil & Gas by Wanda Halpert - Issuu

The large pool of fraudsters posing as oil and gas sellers makes it difficult for buyers to trust you. Conclusion The oil and gas business in Nigeria is a Lucrative and profitable venture, due to its vast market demands, oil prices, and a wide supply chain network.

What are your thoughts on how to start a lucrative oil and gas company in Nigeria or Africa? Let me know by leaving a comment below.Sales Strategy for Oil and Gas How to Kick Ass and Drive Results. Today, we’ve got something really cool, Sales Strategy for Oil and Gas in How to Kick Ass and Drive Results.

So if you’re an American oil and gas company and you want to do business in Brazil you have to form a joint venture with the Brazilian nationalized oil.

Sample Business Plan PowerPoint - Oil & Gas Published on Jul 3, A PowerPoint presentation created for an oil & gas company by Wanda Halpert for Concord Business Plans. rutadeltambor.com Oil and Gas Business Plan Oil and Gas Business Plan The Oil and Gas industry continues to make new strides in the United States, and many small business owners are finding ways to leverage the booming industry to create their own success stories.

oil and gas service company business plan

Upstream Business Planning Solution. 3esi-Enersight’s Solution for Business Planning provides oil and gas companies with a single platform of software for petroleum business planning – capturing opportunities, building business plans, analyzing scenarios and tracking progress against business .

Esfahan Oil Refining Company (EORC) in splendid years of under process and consideration, the business program of the. 3 Gas oil, Kerosene, aviation fuels (ATK, JP4), different kinds of solvents, Lube cut, sulphur, nitrogen and . BUSINESS PLAN January Energy and Technology Corp Petroleum Towers Suite technology that allows oil and gas companies to use their current drill strings and other equipment Provides services to oil companies, steel mills, material providers, drilling companies.

Sample Business Plan PowerPoint - Oil & Gas by Wanda Halpert - Issuu