Progress of gujarat by swarnim gujarat

The Mughal Emperor Akbar triumphantly enters Surat. After the Ghoris had assumed a position of Muslim supremacy over North India, Qutbuddin Aibak attempted to conquer Gujarat and annex it to his empire in but failed in his ambitions. Khambhat eclipsed Bharuch as Gujarat's most important trade port.

Progress of gujarat by swarnim gujarat

It carries glory,tradition and culture of Gujarat. This state has 29 districts. Largest city by population is Ahmedabadand by area is Surat. It has its representation in puranas.

Lord Krishna was the king of Dwarika which is at present in Gujarat. Gujarat has one of the twelve Shiva mandiras of India is Somanath. Gujarat has its precious contribution in giving freedom to India from britishers. Mahatma gandhi,Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel were the freedom fighters from Gujarat.

Progress of gujarat by swarnim gujarat

Gujarat has its own language known as Guajarati. There are many religions followed in Gujarat. In Gujarati language there are different ways of speaking folk languages or dialects like Surati,Mehsani,Kathiyawadi and many more.

Gujarati language has its own script of writing. Gujarat has many industrial towns such as Vapi,Ankleshwar,Bharuch etc. Gujarat has one international airport at Ahmedabad. This state has the one and only sanctuary of lions in India in the valleys of Girnar known as Gir.

It has many tourist attractions like Nal sarovar which is bird sanctuary,Zarvani waterfall,runn of Kutch and many more. Gujarat has a good agricultural land and here cotton,sugarcane,wheat,bajra etc grow in a good amount.

It is covered from three sides with sea. It has 19 districts and 10 sea coasts. It has 52 active ports. It hasof total land area.

Progress of gujarat by swarnim gujarat

Gujarat has famous Sun temple at Modhera made by the Solanki kings. This state is bordered with Rajasthan,Maharastra and Madhya Pradesh.

It also has Int. The 'Vav' step-well at Adalaj derives its name from the lady patron, Ruda, wife of the Vaghela chief, Virsinh; who built it in the 15th or 16th century AD. Bhujia Hill Fort Near Bhuj At a short distance from Bhuj townis the hill fort of Bhujia, the top surrounded by a parapet wall of no great strength, entered by one gate, and enclosing an irregular area with a few scattered buildings.

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Ethnology MuseumThe museum epitomizes the rustic life styles of the Kachchhi villager containing around exhibits. Also, there are more than uncommon books on art and culture. This museum has five major sections. It is the oldest museum of Gujarat.

Kanthkot Fort Kms From Bhuj Kanthkot, kms from Bhuj, is an old fort on the peak of an lonely rocky hill about five km in circumference in Bhachau Taluka.

It has walls built of massive blocks repaired in many places by smaller stones.Gujarat is also home to some of the prestigious educational institutes of the nation. most of the private schools in Gujarat are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) board.


Celebrating 50 golden years of progressive journey of Gujarat Dear Friends,The 1st of May, Foundation Day of Gujarat years – half centenary of industrious journey for people of prom Foundation Day of Gujarat: A Celebration of Swarnim Gujarat.

May 01, Generations have sacrificed their life for the progress of. A Progress Report Business On a lighter note Book Review Environment In Focus Cover Story A flashback Page 20 - 27 Page 20 - 26 Swarnim Samapan - 3 Quick Bytes Gujarat this Quarter Government Initiatives conceptualizing, planning and Swarnim Gujarat in Guinness book.

Gujarat is going to architect the landscapes of development and as the development flame illuminates, faith leads the way ahead for Architecting Eternal and Swarnim Gujarat.

A Vision: Managing Climate Change: Global Climate change is a major challenge to Humanity.


To tackle it, Gujarat has established a separate Department for Climate Change. Gujarat, with its all inclusive, sustainable and rapid growth, is emerging as a globally preferred place to live in and to do business. This Swarnim Jayanti must not remain to be a mere celebration.

It should become a torch bearer that inspires us in our march to progress.. and leads the . On May 1, next year, the Kalash will return to Gujarat with an exhibition of celebration of Swarnim Gujarat all over the world. On May 1, the event moved to Gandhinagar, the capitol of Gujarat, named where the foundation for the Mahatma Mandir was laid with a very unique, symbolic element coupled with ultramodern, next dimension of “green” architecture.

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