Riordan manufacturing business analysis

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Riordan manufacturing business analysis

Basically, a jet engine can fail one of two ways. The first and more innocuous way is that it simply shuts down and ceases producing thrust. This is more or less akin to switching off the ignition in your car.

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Of course, all commercial jetliners have at least two engines, and can fly just fine should this happen. More dangerous is the uncontained engine failure. The moving parts of a jet engine consist of a series of shafts and discs — fans, compressors, and turbines — spinning at tremendous speeds.

Should any of this machinery fracture or otherwise come apart, whether from an unseen crack or some immediate trauma, the extreme centrifugal forces can send bits of metal straight through the cowling and into the airframe, potentially penetrating the cabin or even the fuel tanks.

Luckily this almost never happens. Aircraft engines are incredibly reliable, and unconfined failures are among the rarest type of malfunction. But when they do happen, the results can be deadly — as was the case aboard the Southwest One passenger, a 43 year-old woman from New Mexico, was killed and several others were injured after shrapnel pierced the cabin and caused a window to blow out.

The crew made an emergency landing in Philadelphia. Two years ago, an uncontained engine failure on an American Airlines touched off a fire that destroyed the aircraft on the runway.

A similar incident involving a British Airways occurred in Las Vegas in And inshrapnel from a failed engine caused a cascade of dangerous system failures aboard Qantas flight QF32, an Airbus A flying between Singapore and Sydney.

Nobody was killed in those accidents, but two passengers died in when an engine turbine disc on a Delta Air Lines MD came apart on a runway in Pensacola, Florida. Maybe that all sounds scary — and the media, predictably, is going cuckoo over Southwest. The death of the passenger on Southwest is the first fatality involving a U.

The fuselage breach also caused the cabin to rapidly decompress. Some decompressions are more hazardous than others. Bombs, for example, can cause an entire fuselage to tear apart in seconds.

Large-scale structural failure, like the fuselage burst of an Aloha Airlines incan be similarly disastrous.

Riordan manufacturing business analysis

But those are rare occurrences. The vast majority of decompressions are harmless. Even sudden decompressions — such as when engine parts tear through a window, as apparently happened on Tuesday — are pretty easy to deal with. The pilots don their oxygen masks and initiate a rapid descent to a safer altitude normally ten-thousand feet.

Passengers, meanwhile, have ample supplemental oxygen if need be. The crew of flight was essentially dealing with three situations at once: Compound emergencies are never fun, and the pilots certainly had their hands full. What to do, and how to do it, would have been pretty straightforward.

They did exactly what they were trained to do, and what they were expected to do. And on that note, please be wary of passenger accounts cited in the media. Some follow-up FAQs… Q: I fail to understand how a passenger wearing a seat belt could have been sucked through the window.

The windows are low, and on smaller jets like ayou are positioned very close to them. The flight was very close to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, when the problem happened. There is a decent- sized airport at Harrisburg, so why continue all the way to Philadelphia?

From Harrisburg to Philadelphia is less than a hundred nautical miles. They could lose that altitude by spiraling down over Harrisburg, or they could lose it en route to Philadelphia, just a few minutes further away. Meanwhile, PHL has better emergency equipment, better passenger handling facilities, full-time Southwest staff, etc.

The has wing-mounted engines. Does this accident imply that planes with aft-mounted engines are safer? In the story above I reference the two people killed when the engine of an MD came apart.

It was the tail engine that broke apart on that United DC inand there were a couple of disasters involving Soviet-built planes with aft-mounted engines an IL and a Tu, I believe in which uncontained engine failures fatally damaged the tail section.Distressed Debt Analysis: Strategies for Speculative Investors [Stephen Moyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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