Scents for less

Our olfactory response is directly linked to the emotional center of our braincausing a flood of warm and fuzzy feelings with a simple sniff.

Scents for less

The fragrance a woman wears is her signature; it says a lot about her, her tastes, and her outlook on life. Some scents have the power to take you back in time and relive your most precious memories.

Whatever the impact perfumes have on you, one thing is certain — they do leave an impression. The impressions are not always good, however, and I have taken up the task of sifting through the fragrances available online and picking out the best ones to help people like you who are searching for the perfect scent.

These picks are based on my personal knowledge of some of the fragrances, as well as my research into reviews from persons who own the various scents.

The 20 Best Perfumes for Women Are you ready to find a great fragrance? Many women are drawn to it because world famous actress Julia Roberts is the face of the advertising campaign, but in truth Lancome La Vie Est Belle shines on its own, even without celebrity endorsement.

The Scents for less represents a lifestyle where joy is constantly found in the small pleasures.

Scents for less

The woman who wears Lancome La Vie Est Belle is a woman who chooses her own vision of what happiness means and Scents for less free to live her life as she sees fit.

A soft, warm base sets the foundation for this elegant composition but the key ingredient is iris, highlighted by hints of orange blossoms and jasmine. The fragrance also has a powdery and gourmand accent that is derived from vanilla, praline, and tonka bean.

The fruity flavors of pear and blackcurrant are also a part of this magical scent. The square-like shape of the bottle and the amber-rose color of the perfume itself make it quite pleasing to the eye, and so this is an excellent choice for an elegant gift to someone who can appreciate a fragrance that is made by master perfumers.

See On Amazon Bvlgari Omnia By Bvlgari This exquisite perfume from Bvlgari is presented in a unique, curvaceous and sexy red and gold bottle that definitely stands out from the crowd.

This oriental womens fragrance was first released by Bvlgari in and it continues to be one of their most popular offerings to this day. Make Your Nose Happy! Alberto Morillas is the master perfumer behind the Omnia scent.

His recipe for this delightful scent includes top notes of saffron, orange, mandarin, cardamon, and pepper. Classic woody notes like sandalwood, guaiac wood, tonka bean, and white chocolate compose the base notes while cinnamon, almond, lotus, nutmeg, and masala chai make up the middle notes.

One whiff of the exotic oriental melody that this scent offers is sure to make any nose very happy! Oriental Fragrance Re-Invented Bvlgari sometimes describes the Omnia as a tribute to the tradition of the great oriental perfumes.

Even though some of the notes are usually heavy, Bvlgari Omnia manages to stay relatively light and transparent.

Your Fragrance, Your Friend

The scent is long-lasting but subtle, so some persons may not be able to pick up on the scent after a few hours. See On Amazon Michael Kors By Michael Kors In a time when it seems like every designer, or every famous person for that matter, is launching their own perfume, I have become weary of the perfumes that they produce.

They are not usually outstanding, and most end up finding a home on the shelf at your local drugstore. This fragrance from Michael Kors, however, is a refreshingly delightful change from the typical celebrity fragrance, and users all over the world have fallen in love with its scent.

Light and Clean Yes, the words light and clean sound like I am describing freshly done laundry but they are the first words that come to mind when I think of this Michael Kors fragrance.

The lightness of the scent is sure to make it a favorite for persons with allergies, as it should not irritate them as much as heavier perfumes. It is not too sweet and very soft, so it will linger for hours and keep you smelling heavenly all day long.

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Despite the fact that this is a very light scent, you will only need to spray on a small amount when you use it. In fact, if you spray too much the smell may become overwhelming for some.

As you only need a small amount, many users find that they are able to keep their bottle of Michael Kors for months, even with daily use. This will vary with the size of the bottle, of course.

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See On Amazon Marc Jacobs Honey The perfect floral scent to wear when you go shopping on a bright sunny day or a day you wish was bright and sunnyMarc Jacobs Honey smells just as sweet as it sounds.

The fragrance comes packaged in a brightly-colored yellow and white bottle with gold and black accents.

The perfume actually looks like honey in a jar and it smells even better. Sweet As Honey Marc Jacobs Honey gets its signature sweet smell from the array for fruity notes in its composition. The notes include orange blossom, pear shampoo, mandarin, peach, and — you guessed it — honey.

Vanilla and some woods as well as honeysuckle were also used in the creation of this fragrance. It may have a strong fruity scent but somehow the perfumers who created it managed to keep the fruitiness from becoming unbearable. Consequently, you will get to enjoy the sweet-smelling aroma of Honey without getting overwhelmed.

That being said, if you loved the scent of Dot you will most likely love Honey as well.Women's Fragrances: Free Shipping on orders over $45 at - Your Online Women's Fragrances Store!

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