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A Revolutionary Life, Che's mother confided to an astrologer friend that he was actually born on May 14,

Single party lahr fotos

The tale is almost certainly untrue, as Harlow died inbefore MGM Single party lahr fotos even purchased the rights to the story.

Despite this, the story appears in many film biographies including Temple's own autobiography. The documentary The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Making of a Movie Classic states that Mervyn LeRoy was under pressure to cast Temple, then the most popular child star, but at an unofficial audition MGM musical mainstay Roger Edens listened to her sing and felt that an actress with a different style was needed; a 50th anniversary documentary for the film suggested that Temple, then years-old, was slightly too young for the part.

Newsreel footage is included in which Temple wisecracks, "There's no place like home", suggesting that she was being considered for the part at that time. Actress Deanna Durbinwho was under contract to Universal Pictureswas also considered for the part of Dorothy.

Durbin, at the time, far exceeded Garland in film experience and fan base and both had co-starred in a two-reeler titled Every Sunday. The film was most notable for exhibiting Durbin's operatic style of singing against Garland's jazzier style. Durbin was possibly passed over once it was decided to bring on Jaynes, also an operatic singer, to rival Garland's jazz in the aforementioned discarded subplot of the film.

Ebsen's first makeup test as the Tin Man. Now unhappy with his role as the Tin Man reportedly claiming, "I'm not a tin performer; I'm fluid"Bolger convinced producer Mervyn LeRoy to recast him in the part he so desired.

Fields was originally chosen for the title role of the Wizard, a role turned down by Ed Wynn as he thought the part was too small, but the studio ran out of patience after protracted haggling over Fields' fee.

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Wallace Beery lobbied for the role, but the studio refused to spare him during the long shooting schedule. Instead, another contract player, Frank Morganwas cast on September An extensive talent search produced over a hundred little people to play Munchkins; this meant that most of the film's Oz sequences would have to already be shot before work on the Munchkinland sequence could begin.

Meinhardt Raabewho played the coroner, revealed in the documentary The Making of the Wizard of Oz that the MGM costume and wardrobe department, under the direction of designer Adrianhad to design over costumes for the Munchkin sequences.

They then had to photograph and catalog each Munchkin in his or her costume so that they could correctly apply the same costume and makeup each day of production. Gale Sondergaard was originally cast as the Wicked Witch. She became unhappy when the witch's persona shifted from sly and glamorous thought to emulate the wicked queen in Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs into the familiar "ugly hag".

She turned down the role and was replaced on October 10,just three days before filming started, by MGM contract player Margaret Hamilton.

Sondergaard said in an interview for a bonus feature on the DVD that she had no regrets about turning down the part, and would go on to play a glamorous villain in Fox's version of Maurice Maeterlinck 's The Blue Bird in ; Margaret Hamilton played a role remarkably similar to the Wicked Witch in the Judy Garland film Babes in Arms According to Aljean Harmetz, the "gone-to-seed" coat worn by Morgan as the wizard was selected from a rack of coats purchased from a second-hand shop.

According to legend, Morgan later discovered a label in the coat indicating it had once belonged to Baum, that Baum's widow confirmed this, and that the coat was eventually presented to her. But Baum biographer Michael Patrick Hearn says the Baum family denies ever seeing the coat or knowing of the story; Hamilton considered it a concocted studio rumor.

Thorpe initially shot about two weeks of footage nine days in total involving Dorothy's first encounter with the Scarecrow, as well as a number of sequences in the Wicked Witch's castle such as Dorothy's rescue which though unreleased comprises the only footage of Ebsen's Tin Man.

Ebsen replaced by Haley[ edit ] According to most sources, ten days into the shoot Ebsen suffered a reaction to the aluminum powder makeup he wore though he did recall taking a breath one night without suffering any immediate effect.

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He was hospitalized in critical condition and subsequently was forced to leave the project; in a later interview included on the DVD release of The Wizard of Ozhe recalled the studio heads appreciated the seriousness of his illness only after seeing him in the hospital.

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Single party lahr fotos

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K likes. Die nächste Single Party Lahr steigt am The Wizard of Oz is a American musical fantasy film produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Widely considered to be one of the greatest films in cinema history, [5] it is the best-known and most commercially successful adaptation of L.

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