Strategy to overcome loneliness essay

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Strategy to overcome loneliness essay

Download This blog is about ideas and issues that interest me. My writings are a blend of facts, concepts, my observations, personal experiences, as well as my thoughts and opinions. Many a times some of these needs become difficult to accomplish due to a number of reasons.

This develops a sense of helplessness and makes the person feel powerless to a certain degree. When this happens, the individual is very likely to feel inferior. This feeling of inferiority occurs in everybody, some time or the other.

It is quite normal and natural to have this feeling. There is nothing wrong in it. There are times when an individual may be able to overcome the feeling of inferiority, but it may also be resurfaced once certain new needs develop.

Annals of nuclear energy

According to Alfred Adler, the feeling of inferiority develops due to the innate human tendency of striving for superiority. Each and every individual strives for superiority. It is a blessing in disguise to feel inferior because in a way it can help to move forward in life.

Thus, the striving for superiority causes inferiority as well as helps in overcoming it. It is alright if there is some control over the feeling of inferiority and it occurs within a certain limit. The problem arises when it becomes too pervasive.

When the feeling of inferiority occurs too often and becomes persistent, then it may lead the person to develop into inferiority complex.

Inferiority complex may not necessarily develop in the context of specific tasks or goals.

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It may develop for more general or abstract things also. This continuous feeling can cause an inferiority complex. Inferiority complex can become a menace for the individual and can lead to many other problems.

The person might develop a feeling of inadequacy.

Strategy to overcome loneliness essay

If inferiority complex becomes too overwhelming and lasts for a longer period of time, there is a possibility that it may engulf the person in such a strong way that it changes into superiority complex.

Superiority complex is nothing but an exaggerated form of inferiority complex. When a person develops too much of inferiority complex, then it turns into superiority complex.

In superiority complex, the individual feels that a good way to overcome inferiority is to make others feel inferior and thus become superior.

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The person might also try to bully others to gain a sense of satisfaction. Such a person might seem to be very confident from the outside. But, this may not be the case in actuality.

Strategy to overcome loneliness essay

This attitude is perceived as obnoxious and rude by others. This further exacerbates the feeling of worthlessness within that person. It may also lead to more and more aggressive behaviour or even chronic loneliness and depression.

The best way to overcome inferiority complex, according to Adler, is compensation. Another way to overcome inferiority complex is to have a high level of self-awareness. Many people become too much sensitive about what other people feel or think about them.

They begin to worry a lot about how others see them. This is completely unnecessary and a waste of time. Rather than worrying about what others are thinking, it is much better to focus on what we want to do.There is a feeling of isolation and loneliness that these children must deal with.

In most cases, it is a matter of a few short weeks before the student is at ease. However, for an immigrant, this process and the challenges faced are much more extreme and difficult to overcome. Mba essay questions and answers user rights assignment debug programs registry key minor characters in a streetcar named desire free marketing calendar port address free summer writing paper challenges in marriage and how to overcome them essay about pilot career eb 5 investment opportunities short note on thankfulness speech on endangered.

Mar 22,  · Words: Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Loneliness to Insanity In "The Second Sex," originally published in , Simone de Beauvoir explored the historic situation of women and concluded that women have been prevented from taking active control of their lives (Vintges pp).

happiness Essay Examples. Business Strategy () Business/Organizational Communication () Communication and Technology () Your first problem to overcome will be to take a stand. Being happy is a hard question that every philosopher in history, from Plato to Sartre, has tackled.

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